Visualize your future and share your vision with Kalis Design visualization services. We specialize in three-dimensional modeling and animation for architecture design and development Since Kalis Design was established in 2000, our clients have trusted us to meet their 3D modeling and animation needs. We have a skilled and experienced team, strong foundation in 3D design, goal-oriented project management approach, and sincere desire to help our clients succeed. Our staff has complementary capabilities that enable us to answer more than the "How will it look?" question. Will it work? How can I help others understand my idea? And more. After you have had the chance to see what we do and how well we do it, we encourage you to contact us. We would like to discuss how we can put the power of visualization to work for you and your clients
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3D modelling process Step 1 Data Gathering The first step in creating 3d image for your project is to share with us all required information of your design. The more information provided, the more we can understand the design much better, resulting a more realistic final image. We can create 3d from a whole range of data, from napkin style sketches to full Autocad documentation CD. As long as all the measurements and dimensions are provided, our modelling team can start to build every detail of your project into a finely crafted 3d model.Minimum information that is needed are :- All floorplans and elevations- Surrounding site information- Setting (Day or Night view) - Preferred Camera Angle (Birdseye / Maneye view incl. the angles)- Other non-architectural elements that need to be put into final image. - Final output type or size that is required (billboard / brochure / powerpoint) Providing full 3d model does not necessarily speed up the process of our creating great 3d images.All the models received have to go through our inhouse quality check first to see if the layer management, accuracy, and mesh quality match our rendering systems.If any of the items above doesn't fit into our standard, then the 3d model will need to be adjusted prior to rendering. While this seems like an easy task, in huge / complicated model it sometimes is faster to rebuilt the model from scratch using the given model for reference only. Step 2 3D Modelling Stage All infomation received, it is now the time to create a full 3d model using 3d softwares. The whole modelling process usually takes about 1-3 days depending on the complexity of the design and the amount of details required. On a very simple design, however, the whole modelling could be done in just a few hours time. Large urban scale projects with a lot of detail can take up to8-10 days to finish. Sometimes there are a number of non-architectural entourage / additional elements that needs to be modelled to be part of the finished image. These items, such as : specific types of furnitures, plants, other appliances also need to be modelled.These other elements are very important, especially on interior images. Early information regarding these elements will help speed up the modelling process. Step3 Texturing and Lighting Stage This stage is the most important part of 3d production, as it is the stage where we try to give life to the scene that we have created. This stage usually starts with a greyscale preview image that is shown to our client for approval of the model and camera angle. Any mistakes on modelling can be picked up at this stage. Any revisions for the 3d model can be made at this stage, as well as determining preferred camera angle, colours, materials, ambience, textures, and atmosphere of the final presentation. This is also the stage where we will put in our 3d library and entourage into the image to make the image more alive. Please note that there might be some additional fee applies for late revision for the model made because of design changes. A design revision might slow down the rendering process because we have to return to the modelling stage to alter the 3d model. All the materials, 3d library, and lighting setup is a result of continuing research by KalisDesign R&D team. The production and techniques of these methods are purely confidential, and will remain as KalisDesign's copyright. Under the circumstances stated above, KalisDesign's policy is that we will not, under any situation, give any of these methods away: - Lighting Setup Method - 3D Library (2d bitmaps or 3d meshes) - Material and texture setup - Rendering setup. - Photoshop touchup file. Step 4 Rendering & Delivery Once the final preview is approved, we will start rendering the image in high resolution. Our standard final size is a JPG / TIFF image printable up to A2 size. Final image will be sent using one of the methods below. For high-res JPG / TIFF images we would recommend to deliver the final images using e-mails or upload into our / the client's FTP site. For other type of formats, a courier / postal service is needed to deliver the final presentation to the client's postal address.